Are you stuck in the middle of sibling rivalry and constantly playing umpire?

I’m not an expert in the field of siblings (I’m an only child and I have a teenager and a toddler, hardly a recipe for a lounge room screaming match over the tv remote). So this topic is where I get creative. When I’m helping families who have big issues when it comes to their kids fighting, we take a closer look at what else is going on. Most of the time the culprit is boredom, lack of structure, rules and boundaries.

How we respond to solving issues depends on a number of factors, like the children’s ages and the difference in ages, the children’s ability to reason (this is a cognitive development issue, we can’t expect a toddler to understand that his big brother doesn’t like a baby finger shoved up his nostral, but we can expect and older child to understand that if something he doesn’t like is happening, he can move away.

Clearly there are always going to be meltdowns and the older child who has just had an exhausting week at school and couldn’t be stuffed getting off the couch because his favourite tv show is on, may fail at moving away or handling the moment starts screaming “MUM” at the top of his lungs and the little one cries histerically¬†¬†It’s these moments that mums tend to loose their sh*t and join in the screaming match.

If you are one of those mums then you can rest assured you are perfectly normal! If the repetition of such incidences is getting to you, give us a call and we can help you plan your strategy to combating this bad behaviour cunumdrum!