Some days I fail! BIG TIME! I am a mum and a business owner. It’s exhausting, but also very rewarding…except on those days when I feel like I have failed.

So what does it mean to “fail”. I put that in inverted commas because everyone’s expectations that they have on themselves are different. For me, to have a day where I have failed means I have either let myself down, let my kids down or let a client down.

If you are like me (and most mums are) we place a HUGE amount of pressure on ourselves. We look after the kids (so that means being cook, cleaner, playmate, comforter, nurse, taxi driver, recreational manager, you get the drift..), then working mums add to that the challenges of a having a job (or juggle a business or working at home around the kids needs), we are often the ones to manage the household as well and then we also have to find time for our partners (if we have one). It’s no wonder we often feel like falling asleep at 7pm!

Although this post may sound like a bleeding heart, it is not.

This is a shout out to all the mums (dads and other carers) out there managing all this and everything else life can throw at you. Having a feeling of failure is not that you have failed, it is your own innate system telling you to take a break and recharge so you can power on again at whatever level of expectation you place on yourself.

Feelings of failure are temporary and things do get better. So sit and have that cuppa, while your 2 year old empties the tuperwear cupboard. Give yourself permission to put your feet up  and recharge. You deserve the break and you will be tens times better at everything you aim to achieve.

If I am allowed to have that time to “fail”, take a break and recharge, then so are you.

Much love xx